Are there any drawbacks in refined fish oil and Should we buy it?

Before answering the question Should I buy the refined fish oil, it would be the best to clarify first if there are any disadvantages with it, and if there is something harmful then what are they?

Why fish oil need refining? The oil is pressed from a fish is in the form of triglycerides. In this raw state, it is generally very low in itsOmega-3 content. Another problem is that contaminants such as heavy metals, PCBs and dioxins are often found in fish.

Which means they are also present in the oil.

To remove these impurities distill oil producers at a molecular level. They now have a semi-natural oil Ethyl Ester and so that they can increase his strength by a factor of three by concentrating. This process mimics what happens in our body so that the oil can be absorbed into our system.

Even if a semi natural, so good, if the refinery is left at this stage because our body can process the oil in this form. As inferred here, many suppliers to go further, which in some minds of the experts is a little too far.

And here is why? They reprocess the ethyl esters to produce a synthetic form of triglycerides, which means the carbon has been modified to change its molecular structure. Bottom line is that it decreases the bioavailability of refined fish oil being to limit the body’s ability to absorb it.

If the absorption is limited so the nutrients in the oil can not be utilized by the body to neutralize the whole purpose of taking fish oil in the first place.

The most natural oil is the better for absorption. And an oil that was refined at the stage of the ethyl ester, but not treated again back in the triglyceride is a refined fish oil that will be worth buying. Especially if it is mixed with another oil like pure fish hoki.

Any producer of fish oil that claims their product is natural must be transparent about the true nature of the processes used to produce their oil, certainly on this point, the fish oil used in their products has been refined.


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