Audi Hybrid: The hybrid cars

Audi Hybrid consists of motor gasoline, which is a 2.0 TFSI, the Tiptronic automatic transmission that incorporates an electric motor replacing the torque converter and batteries. All this supported by various auxiliary systems.

The 2.0 TFSI engine to find under the hood of these three models is not exactly like the one that works only with gasoline, because the engine auxiliary systems have been adapted to ensure comfort in any situation. So the air conditioning compressor is electrically driven, because of being powered by the engine accessory belt, you could scorch when you did not use the gasoline engine.

Turning to the Tiptronic eight gears gearbox, epicyclic gear (a traditional gear box) you see that the torque converter has been replaced by a key piece of this puzzle, the electric motor. The lubrication pump gearbox is electro. This engine makes the functions of alternator and starter motor, so that the drive-belt of auxiliary systems completely disappears (the electromechanical power steering, so no pump to move). As you see absolutely everything about this car runs on “sparks”.

Audi Hybrid with intelligent control system

The continuously excited synchronous motor drive in the form combined with a multi-plate clutch in oil bath, which is responsible for removing or attaching the electric motor and the combustion. Hybrid models are equipped with a power electronics module with its own cooling system. This module attached to the battery and the electric motor and inverter functions as a current between the battery and the AC motor.

The accumulator of energy, talking a Christian is just the battery, weighs about 35 kilos (there is some variation depending on model) and is located in the trunk (hence all models lose capacity) which is protected accident. Lithium ion has two cooling systems, one that recirculates the cabin air by a fan and a second evaporator using a host-dependent air-conditioning.

With all this you can get a rough idea of the complicated intricacies of mechanical and electrical A8, A6 and Q5 Hybrid, thanks to this mountain of technology can move in five different operating modes.

Audi Hybrid with intelligent control system

  • Only with the 2.0 TFSI engine, using gasoline
  • Only the electric motor (with limitations)
  • Hybrid with both engines simultaneously
  • Boost mode or full acceleration, the time it takes is power.
  • Recovery mode to recharge the batteries.

With the vehicle in EV mode gives priority to purely electric operation, especially at low speeds. If circular D mode (remember the automatic transmission) will attempt to optimize consumption using both engines, while the circulation in modes S and M has more sporting pretensions.

When you make a kick-down on the step or throttle foot plate, the two engines work together to provide, for a short time (10 seconds) the system combined 245 hp and 480nm of torque. As foot off the accelerator, the electric motor functions as a generator, thus avoid loss of power in acceleration due to drag force.

When braking, if you tread lightly on the pedal the electric motor is responsible for slowing down, while if you stand more strongly come into play conventional hydraulic system, which in this case has a vacuum pump to electric drive support the brake booster. The latter is essential, because otherwise it would be impossible to stop when the TFSI was off and not generate empty.

Through the intelligent control system, or will when possible, the three models Hybrid can travel to over 3 km at a constant speed of 60 km/h in pure electric mode. Without consuming gasoline also can reach 100 kilometers per hour.

After all this theory, which is always the least like it, tell us who will have to see how these models behave in practice. Stay tuned infoheaps dot com not to miss the dynamic tests.


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