Avocado mask to refine the pores of the skin

Many of us have a tendency to have skin oily or combination , is quite common in warm and temperate areas and even in the summertime where the heat infuses that effect on our skin.

Oily skin derive some other drawbacks as: blackheads, acne and enlarged pores . In this paper I share some essential care and mask with natural ingredients like avocado to refine pores.

Avocado mask to refine the pores of the skin of Victoria Beckham

Facial care for refining pores:

  • Keeping the skin clean using a cleaning gel every night
  • Always remove makeup before sleeping
  • Use an astringent after cleansing gel. Hamamelis Lotion : highly recommended.
  • Avoid heavy moisturizing treatment or oily tendency. Preferably no oily moisturizing gel content.
  • Gentle exfoliation and weekly cleaning with thermal clay mask or mud.

Avocado mask to refine the pores of the skin of Victoria Beckham

It is known that celebrities cared much skin. They have everything at your disposal to do this but nevertheless use a variety of very effective treatments for natural personal care products. Some time ago VB shared his personal recipe for avocado mask.

Half avocado processing:
The avocado has many anti-aging properties for the skin for its high nutritional content. Contains vitamin E, A, B1, B2, B3, D and C. The texture and provides hydration to the skin’s natural moisture.

One tsp. Honey
Two tsp. Natural Yogurt:
Yogurt has lactic acid, a component very useful to refine your pores .

Mixtures and then scatter his face. Leave on for 15 or 20 minutes and remove with water.


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