Avoid problems with social networks

There is much talk lately about the problems that can cause us that our photographs and personal information is exposed to the public through social networks. However, if we watch a few details can be quite easy to avoid complications of this type, which could harm our image in the network.

Avoid problems with social networks

Check the privacy settings: It is preferable that only our friends can access the information we publish on Facebook and Myspace.

Caring who is accepted as a friend: Never accept friend requests from strangers because they do not know if that one person in particular access to our data may harm us.

Check occasionally profiles: This way we can delete information that we consider appropriate at the time and now it seems to us both.

Report photos that harm us: If we have tagged in a photo which could damage our image, ask politely to the person who has risen to remove it. But if this is successful we should not be afraid to denounce.

Caring for the information goes: Although it may be fun to share some photos with friends, maybe not so much that they see our family or our boss if we have added as a contact. Must take this into account before uploading anything.

Do not criticize our workplace or in the past: More and more companies look at the social networking profiles before hiring candidates or renew. A criticism of a company or previous job we can refuse a job.


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