Balancing technique: to re-energize therapy

The world around us, things that happen everything moves and develops according to energy, in it and we have. There is a technique to redirect and channel that energy is to balance our electromagnetic field to strengthen it. A professional who will guide us in this way to make it through the EMF Balancing Technique, which we detail below how it works.

it is a way to balance the electromagnetic field of the human being

One way to refocus on what is important and to defuse situations that sometimes we find is Balancing Technique, to return to our balance and strengthen it. The EMF Balancing Technique is known as (its translation is Technical of EMF Balancing) it is a way to balance the electromagnetic field of the human being. This technique was created and developed by Peggy Phoenix Dubro, who is today the maximum reference after studying the subject for 15 years.

She says this practice is a form of spiritual DNA calibration. Just as the physical body has various organs, there is a network of energy bodies that store information of our being: past, present, future. Keeping the ordered lattice, one can order his life.

This is the door that connects us and unites the electromagnetic field of the Earth and the Universe, also known as cosmic grid. All our body and thoughts vibrate at a certain frequency and more openness in May as we give to the spirit, the inner growth.

“Internal calibration” is another term that includes this technique, because our energy field is formed by a network of fibers of light and energy. Everyone has this network of energies which are connected to the universe and relate to others. The Universal Calibration Lattice (UCL), is the intermediary that allows each of us to connect with the cosmic fabric. This calibration strengthens our “energy muscles” and prepares us to release that bothers us, that keeps us from moving forward.

Balancing Sessions

There are thirteen phases in the complete system of Balancing technique, each phase containing a session with a definite shape and focus. In each of the first four phases, complete professional a series of movements of tai chi style while the person is lying fully clothed on a massage table.

All movements are extending from the center of the body to an area approximately two inches from the physical body. There is some light contact with the body, but most of the session is done without touching the client.

Each phase goes through different emotional places, the past, we bring loads, relationships with others, problems, etc. They will strengthen certain areas.

The point of all this is that we learn to use our own energy in the most appropriate in every situation of everyday life way. It’s like a complete to open ourselves to face life differently reset.


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