Barack Obama opens an account with Google+

The current U.S. president, Barack Obama, has started his race for reelection to the front of the White House by activating the mechanism of social networks. The truth is that this is hardly news, especially if we consider the activity that took Obama and his team on the internet before previous elections, giving the leading role at that time to Twitter, but this time it seems to be Google+ who takes the reins of the campaign.

Obama opens an account with Google+

Well, perhaps from the experience to take out the Obama advisory team in the last war, now they have decided to load and it has been released in the new Google + social network. The reelection campaign of President of America, Obama has created a page in Google+ and thus have joined the efforts of the opposition candidates seeking alternative ways to reach voters.


According to U.S. newspaper Los Angeles Times blog,  the first published words were: Welcome to the Obama 2012 in Google +. Still the page is not completely ready, and in fact members of the Obama election team acknowledge this in his presentation, asking Internet collaboration to address the social networking space with content that is suggested by them, opening virtual doors and direct discussion with the current president.


It seems that this new campaign in the U.S. will be overturned on social networks and the Internet, in general, in fact, the Republican candidate and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, and has also launched its own campaign network using Google+ as a platform to send their messages to voters and try to establish a bridge of communication between various sectors of American society.


In other words, the network becomes a protagonist in the 2012 presidential election.


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