What is a hydroponics and Basic requirements for a hydroponics

The hydroponics or soilless culture is the best way to have total control over the healthy growth of plants. It is used frequently to commercial use in the cultivation of tomato, lettuce and a variety of vegetables. However, gradually begins to be in vogue use soilless or hydroponic small private orchards and gardens.

Basic requirements for a hydroponics

This type of farming is done in containers which are placed on the type nutrients rockwool, sand, coconut fiber, perlite, and other substances to be purchased in specialized shops, capable of carrying food that each plant needs. The main element in this culture system is water, so the most important thing is to ensure a proper irrigation system.

Basic requirements for a hydroponics

You need a container that provides the average size of the plant to grow, with a minimum depth of 30 centimeters. It is essential that the recipient does not let light through, i.e. to avoid transparent containers.
Secondly, the hydroponic cultivation system requires to ventilate the container contents. One possibility is to achieve pump breather tanks, which can connect a perforated plastic tube which is inserted into the container.

The right nutrients for hydroponics are calcium, copper, sulfur, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, nitrogen, iron, oxygen, etc. These nutrients are provided by the continuous irrigation, which takes place through the roots is in contact with water.

The substrate, i.e. the material to replace the soil in the garden or hydroponic garden, ensures that the plant roots are secured to the container. This material also fulfills the function of protecting the light, keep food provided by irrigation and provide sufficient oxygenation plants. This substrate is inexpensive and consists of items such as sand or pumice.

As for the plants to be grown by hydroponic system, it is possible to acquire in shops specializing in horticulture, but also can be grown directly through the home germination of seeds.

Benefits and ecology hydroponics system

  • Deliver plants the presence of weeds and pests.
  • Promotes fallow. Useful worn or scarce land.
  • It requires large spaces, which is particularly rendidor from the economic standpoint.
  • It depends on weather conditions, therefore guarantees the plant variety during the year.


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