Beauty and style for women with cancer

Women with cancer are unique beings in the horoscope, as its sign the element of water predominates are people who can deliver, emotional nature and have a highly developed intuition.

They are feminine in their root and their sign is ruled by the moon. Living exploring the recesses of her own mind and like to analyze the psyche of others to understand them better and know how to react.

Beauty and style for women with cancer

In terms of physical appearance are usually women with oval or round face, with strong upper body without losing your balance so you maintain a svelte figure. Overall the Cancerians are not very careful at meals so they often have a tendency to gain weight.

The beauty of women is suggestive of cancer, enjoy bright and very white teeth, her eyes are expressive and round with a melancholy look, the hair is usually brown or blond hair and pale skin.

In most cases, women born under the sign of cancer are not very high, but rather short.

As for the style and look that characterizes women with cancer, they prefer to wear with a more conservative and elegant but no less sensual than other women, only they prefer to have a low profile and not show off too much between the crowd.

They are females with a classic look, comfortable and romantic, rather delicate fabrics such as lace, silk, and guipure, wears fashionable clothes but not too tight or with excessive ornamentation. They are usually aware of the dictates of fashion, but do not bother to wear anything from past seasons when they feel good and comfortable.

About the colors, they prefer pastel shades but also leans heavily on the black and brown. Favorite accessories are the vintage style, romantic and old and are fascinated with large portfolios.

The jewelry that they like are those pearls and rhinestones all very romantic and sensual. As for fragrances chosen by women sign dusty cancer are the floral, sweet but not cloying.

The sign of Cancer Actresses: Diane Kruger, Selena Gomez, Liv Tyler, Kate Beckinsale, Meryl Streep.


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