Beauty and style of Leo women

The beauty and style of Leo women is unique. Those born under this sign are very outgoing females, glamorous and sophisticated, have an innate leadership so they are successful in managing organizations, companies or carry positions.

The leoninas are confident women, have sophisticated and expensive tastes so often choose costumes among the best brands that can be accessed; undoubtedly they do not have qualms about spending whatever if something they liked.

Beauty and style of Leo women

They tend to be expressive, very feminine and sensual as all feline; they enjoy being the center of attention and capturing all eyes, therefore always seek to Excel with costumes that highlight their best attributes. Leo women are inclined to apparel in vibrant colors, expensive fabrics, bright accessories, as well as shoes and handbags showy.

They love to impress because they unconsciously want to demonstrate her Royal Crown above all the world.

With regard to their physical appearance, usually the leoninas are characterized by have slender bodies with well-developed bones, good muscle tone, shoulders wide and medium to high altitudes.

But in the sign there are two types of beauty:

Apolíneas Leonina women possessing a classic with stylized legs beauty and of great magnetism.

The Herculean leoninas which are smaller and more muscular, often lovers of sports by their texture has to be more solid.

Both types of leoninas have triangular faces, with expressive eyes greenish or Golden, white teeth and a beautiful smile. The belly is generally level and voluptuous hips which gives them a very feminine and sensual appearance, skin is gold or copper and they usually do not have much body hair.

The sign of Leo actresses: Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, Madonna, Mila Kunis, Sandra Bullock.


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