Beauty and style of Taurus woman

Taurus women are strong females shapely body, with great beauty and endowed with a deep feminine. In general, taurine has a striking figure with voluptuous curves and very charming appearance, his face is rounded with a broad forehead and lips, most of whom have brown hair and dark eyes.

Taurus women are romantic, sensual and faithful but creatures themselves are extremely jealous, possessive and responsive in every aspect of their lives. Are females with great inner strength and mastery of themselves, they are capable of carrying a family and take control of the situation if they have to.

Beauty and style of Taurus woman

They love the perfumes expensive, floral fragrance with intense aromas and sensual, they love the music, cuisine and admire the beauty in all its expressions, particularly that which reflects the nature. The Taurus female is a mix of qualities not often seen regularly, is the exponent of every man woman looking for but not always commonly found.

The Taurus woman is refined and very attracted to the arts space where it can realize its creative potential. Usually wear nice clothes while retaining the simplicity that characterizes him.

These women did not leave anything to chance, the look tends to emphasize the curvy figure to have but are not aggressive but rather with an air of harmonious and delicate. In the color palette these women are identified with bluish hues why these colors are always present in your wardrobe, whether in clothing or accessories such as jewelry.


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