Beauty and style of the Aries woman

The sign of the zodiac influences many aspects of a person, from the attitudes, concerns, interests, styles and physical appearance are often determined by the planets that govern the horoscope.

In this and subsequent post we will see how the stereotype of beauty and style that applies to every sign of the zodiac so you can meet the stars of the differences which we have granted to women.

Beauty and style of the Aries woman

Aries Women

Physical Appearance: These women are usually of average height, broad shoulders, neck, not very long, have a strong body and slightly stylized tendency to extra pounds. The head is broad at the sides and generally have a narrow chin, your skin is very smooth and pleasant to the touch, have brown eyes, honey or gray color and eyebrows.

Style Aries woman

The Aryan are females who always lean to the new trends of the season, they like to be fashionable and wear balance all shapes and colors chosen. They usually have good taste in choosing their clothes and know realize their own essence in the style chosen.

The colors of clothes and accessories worn by reflecting its vitality and audacity generally lean much orange and yellow tones, as well as for the blue and reds.

Make-up perfectly, like to keep a delicate and natural look for the day but at night exude glamor with a makeup intense colors like gold and silver, green, purple or bright blue.

Aries girls use hair rebel general, versatile and modern, they are encouraged to wear their hair short so long because they assume challenges and do not care what people think. Favorite hair colors range from warm shades of light blondes, chocolate or brown.


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