Very cute and original braid is the that involves only a clump

How to weave hair styles

The hair is the strong point of the woman, exude charm and sensuality in every move. For this reason it is essential to keep them groomed and at the top. Unfortunately, women can not limit them to treat properly, as this is essential, but like all things in their life Read more…

Laser and aloe treatments for spider veins on the face

Laser and Aloe Vera treatments for facial spider veins

If two or more applications of laser, you must wait at least fifteen days between sessions. In particular, transdermal laser procedure is to apply local cold as anaesthetizing to then direct the laser light into the lesion that you want removed. This system does not cause damage to the skin. Only the damaged area absorbs the laser light- a particularly powerful, calorie light blinking – stroking the damaged area.