Home made Styling gel, flawless hair for summer

home-prepared remedy for hair Styling gel

At the time of combat unruly hair, many of you know that the styling cream and gel can be true partners of your beauty. So in this situation, you will love an old home-prepared remedy with a few ingredients at… Continue Reading

Causes and solutions for hair loss

Causes and solutions for hair loss

The hair loss is normal as long as the hairs you lose is then recovered automatically. The natural thing is to lose up to one hundred hairs a day, which is only logical is when you noticed that do not… Continue Reading

Cosmetic Surgery for Neck lift to remove wrinkles and sagging

Neck lift to remove wrinkles and sagging

The neck lift you are looking to restore firmness and tone the face losses over time and the effects of gravity. This operation acts on the skin and musculature of the area through increasingly smaller incisions and less invasive. The… Continue Reading

How to avoid white marks on summer

It is normal during the summer to sun exposure, bathing suits, whether bikinis or trikinis entire Mayan, it leave white marks on protected areas, and many women when wearing more clothing can feel constrained by the same, if not entirely… Continue Reading

Tips for applying corrective concealer for perfect makeup

Tips for applying corrective concealer for perfect makeup

The dark circles often make your face look tired, haggard, and usually occur by several factors. In these cases it is a great partner that can help to correct just this difference in skin tones to keep a bright face… Continue Reading

Extension eyelashes tinted and permanent step by step guide

Extension eyelashes tinted and permanent step

The extension, eyelashes tinted and permanent is an ideal technique to darken, and add length to bend the tabs straight, short and sparsely populated. With this treatment of beauty can get a look awesome, feminine and seductive for about a… Continue Reading

Red lips and pale, from classical to star in makeup 2012

Jessica Alba red passion

This year, the great divas of Hollywood, the most stunning femme fatales in the history of film and fashion, will be honored as never before in the look of sexiest makeup¬†of all, it definitely set Marylin: the red lips in… Continue Reading


How to eliminate dark circles around eyes

Several people have had dark circles around eyes or any part of the skin. No need to worry, it’s totally normal and does not involve any health risk. However, you must recognize that they are a cosmetic problem. So the… Continue Reading

Adhesive makeup, makeup express

When you have a good time to do makeup for those special moments or your skills are not the most precise in applying the shadows, the eyeliner and nail, then there is a solution provided by adhesives makeup. They come… Continue Reading