Hair loss due to weight loss

Hair loss due to weight loss

Weight loss diets, especially those that are restrictive can cause consequences harmful, not only overall health but also aesthetically. Why? Because these do not provide all the nutrients the body needs. So if you like looking hair abundant and healthy,… Continue Reading

Female hair loss, causes and treatment

Female hair loss causes and treatment

Hair loss is not only a problem in men but also several women suffer from it. The hair loss rate is higher when men or women are between 40 and 60 years of age. The female androgenic alopecia has features… Continue Reading

How to Color Hair with Henna

Color hair with henna

Hair dye is usually one of the most liked ways to vary the look for a woman, although the improvement of hair dyes is something that is constant innovation, its components tend, especially if you dye your hair constantly, to… Continue Reading

Beauty Treatments: Cryogen gel for body shaping

Treatment with cold compresses and cryogen gel is definitely ideal for summer. This method reducer and shaper of the body have other interesting properties, such as relief to tired legs and prevent varicose veins. This fresh proposal is in the… Continue Reading

Tips about c section or cesarean section scar

Tips about c section and cesarean section scar

Caesareans operations are carried out as an alternative to vaginal birth, and current techniques allow doctors to remove the baby by cutting a few inches in the pelvic area, and placing the incision in the right place. However, the current… Continue Reading