Beauty & Style Gemini woman

The woman of Gemini is a very sensual and intelligent female, is quick-witted and always seeks to understand a situation before acting. The ethereal beauty and mysterious fragility is a characteristic feature of the sign, its natives are generous with a great spirit of sacrifice and learns to accept the disappointments without feeling bad about it.

Home love and comfort but still have a rich private life, often tend to be melancholy and nostalgia being quite prone to depression.

As for physical appearance these women are really attractive, generally have a stylish leather hands and legs, are mostly females tend to have thin and not abundant curves, but they are also the ones that show sinuous figures.

Beauty & Style Gemini woman

Gemini women have thin skin with visible veins, nose water and some long and very sharp eyes. The main attraction of these females is undoubtedly his gaze, her beautiful eyes perceive others fascinating and intriguing.

The style that they know look is multifaceted, which is complemented by the “double face” with which the sun has set up the sign. I feel good about the look that security issues, so often opt for casual and sports clothes, no details refilled or foreign fabrics.

Gemini likes to show off the hats and caps, belts and boots, they give great importance to the accessories because these give the personal touch to the look, and are also using many bracelets, rings, watches and rings striking.

In terms of fragrances, flavorings Gemini prefer fresh and sensual, so they tend to choose the fragrance with notes drawn flowers and citrus, and when they find the scent that identifies them often use for years.


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