Beauty Treatments: Cryogen gel for body shaping

Treatment with cold compresses and cryogen gel is definitely ideal for summer. This method reducer and shaper of the body have other interesting properties, such as relief to tired legs and prevent varicose veins. This fresh proposal is in the list of treatments of all spa and beauty, although the relative simplicity of the procedure is feasible to make applications in the home. How does this system and what are its benefits?

The cryogen gel has a local cooling effect which is enhanced by placing cold compresses on the skin smeared with the product. Specifically, the mechanisms that help removal of hair and reduce cellulite are preferred as treatment for skin by many modern women. By lowering the temperature of the skin at a deeper level, it activates the metabolic action through increased blood activity.

Beauty Treatments Cryogen gel for body shaping

Cryogen gel components

In addition to causing an increased blood supply, the cryogenic gels contain various natural ingredients that promote skin tone. These elements can be algae, menthol, ginkgo biloba, and herbal extracts that have among their active ingredients with polyphenols and other antioxidants.

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What is the treatment for skin

Like all beauty treatments, the procedure for applying cryogen gel also requires a little patience. However, the effect of cold is quite pleasant and leaves a great sense of relief if it is used to treat swollen legs.

  • The first is to clean the area concerned, which may be the buttocks, abdomen, legs, arms or ankles.
  • Once free of impurities, a layer of gel.
  • The bands are cooled in an ice and water. When ready, roll up the area. Square fit is important, because with them the effect modeler.
  • After ten minutes of application, re-coat the area with the gel and let stand ten minutes.
  • When removing bandages, massage the area surrounding form in the sense of clockwise.

The effect of cold lasts about an hour, but not to worry, because there are no contraindications to the use of cryogen gel . You may not agree to treatment in cases of cold or low defenses, in any case you can consult a doctor before doing so.


Benefits of skin treatment with cryogen gel three times per week:

  • Reduction of cellulite and orange peel
  • Skin tone
  • Improving the general appearance of the area
  • Modeling the shape
  • Activate the circulation
  • Encourage lymphatic drainage


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