Beginners’ guide: Blackberry switch

Unlike a laptop, the Blackberry saves a lot of space and it is very versatile. Many people however do not know how to turn on the Blackberry. A blackberry smart phone that is designed almost exclusively for writing and reading emails. A company called Research in Motion developed in Canada, the management of the wireless communications and personal data.

In the first step, the user downloads the Blackberry mobile device on the network. When buying a smartphone the power adapter is included. After the user put the simcard in the designated position. If the Blackberry is without Simlock, the SIM card from any provider. Thus, the user can insert the SIM card into the Blackberry, will initially open the battery cover.

After the battery was removed, the SIM card in the designated space will be inserted. Connect the battery the user puts in his place again and the cover on the back of the phone is closed. In general, the red button is used when placing a call to the Blackberry. Who wants to switch the Blackberry has a moment to press this red button.

Beginners’ guide Blackberry switch - how it works

The user will immediately switch to the Blackberry asked for the password, which can be typed in at this point. The Start menu opens directly entered after the password was. The user can listen via the Start menu, call music, or surf the Internet. Was the first Blackberry phone still not working, and it was turned on for the first time, then we open the setup wizard. The wizard asks questions such as whether the clock is to be displayed in 24 hour mode or 12-hour mode. It takes only a moment after and the Blackberry set up automatically.
The functions of a Blackberry

The smartphone comes naturally turn to the Blackberry also has all other functions of a smartphone. To the standard features include an address book, calendar, list for completion, SMS, MMS and the phone.

Unlike a conventional PDA itself, a user must take care not to allow synchronization of data from a BlackBerry. If a connection is possible, the Blackberry always updated automatically. On business trips with the Blackberry can also access data from the corporate network access. You can find out information on prices and stock, customer data and also provide for change orders.

A multimedia player on the Blackberry plays videos and music for entertainment, very good photos can be created by the camera and when a user loses his way, he can take an integrated navigation system for help.


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