Beginners’ guide: How to Delete music from iPhone

As with many other functions, iTunes is the only way to be able to delete music from your iPhone. Unfortunately, there is not a direct way to transfer music files to remove from the smartphone. On the other hand, this is also handy because this way the deleted data is still available on iTunes.

To delete music from the iPhone, the smartphone needs to first be connected via the USB port of a computer with iTunes. This is necessary so that the data that lie on the iPhone will sync with iTunes. Apple has also set up any function on the iPhone to download music directly to delete.

Beginners’ guide How to Delete music from iPhone
Once the connection between the iPhone and iTunes has been established, the iPhone left in the list of available devices in iTunes. If your smartphone is now selected, can be attributed seized on the ‘music’.
Then delete music from the iPhone interference with the normal synchronization is, it is necessary to change the automatic management in the administration manual. This is done by the box, ‘Sync music’ under which in ‘the entire music library’ is removed.

In addition, it is important that the selected playlists, artists and the music are highlighted. To the memory of the iPhone not to be filled with randomly selected pieces of iTunes, you should also check mark the ‘show automatically free space’ in be deleted.

Delete unwanted music

The full procedure to be able to delete music from the iPhone is definitely inconvenient. Especially if the actual deletion is considered in itself. Once the necessary adjustments have been made in iTunes, the playlists have to change the title to be highlighted, which are no longer desired on the iPhone.
Once the selection is completed, ‘Synchronize’ on the box the iPhone brought up to date. The music is now deleted from the iPhone, but still available on iTunes and can, if desired at a different time, are playing up again.
The same operation also applies to photos and videos that were uploaded to the iPhone. Directly from the iPhone can only be deleted pictures and videos, taken with the iPhone. Previously transferred images must be deleted by iTunes and the iPhone will be resynchronized.
But even if the procedure to be able to delete music from the iPhone, seems very complicated, can be implemented relatively quickly to the deletion.


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