Beginners’ guide: How to Locate an iPhone 4

Give the thief a chance and let you locate your iPhone, because in every mobile phone is the possibility of a simple detection. For every iPhone owner, is true with a stolen mobile phone is a nightmare. All contact information, confidential information, photos and e-mails are gone and can be used at any time without protection of the thief. The Apple company offers therefore free to have their own sites with the latest technologies iPhone.
The location of the stolen iPhones is only possible if you set up in advance an appropriate account with the provider. Without a corresponding register, you can not leave the iPhone sites. In the event of a theft, you can easily use the tracking feature from Apple to your iPhone to allow sites.
With a cell phone from Apple, you can locate your mobile phones to remotely control problem, which means you can have personalized messages on the iPhone display and process remotely, delete or even completely blocked. This can be of great benefit if the important data on your device. Thus, the thief no longer read your personal information.

Beginners’ guide How to Locate an iPhone 4

The establishment of the detection function

To set up the Apple feature, a facility, the provider document. Only after you have completed the registration and verification, a location of the mobile phone is possible.
To register for an account, you first go into your iPhone ‘Settings’ and then open the sub-category ‘Mail, Contacts and Calendar’. Next click on the button ‘Add Account’. After you have added the new account, will open the ‘MobileMe’. Here you enter the Apple ID to your iPhone.
Unless you do not have their own ID and password you receive this free at the Apple Store. Confirm with the Enter key, the accuracy of your data and continue with ‘Next’.
An email confirming the account registration with a confirmation link will be sent to you. Once you have confirmed this link, your account is verified. Now return back to ‘Settings’ in your iPhone back and create your new mobile account. Now activate the windows ‘find my phone’, the location function. Now you can leave your iPhone sites.

Now you can weigh in on the safe side!


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