Beginners Guide to remove malware and to block them from the beginning

Malware has become a real plague in times for almost everyone connected to the Internet. Malware is the generic term for malicious software and is derived from the English word ‘malicious’, meaning something like ‘evil’. Today, almost anyone can be affected by these evil-ware! This little guide shall help you to protect yourself from this virus and to remove it.

Beginners’ Guide to remove malware and to block them from the beginning

How do you protect yourself against malware and how to detect malware directly?

There is a saying from the outset: one hundred percent protection against malware is not possible. But you can do much to impede access to your computer. If you go online, you may be a target of malwares. There should be an antivirus program installed in your system, which can protect from the attack of malware and also remove the affected malwares. Make sure that updates are made constantly – daily if possible. You can notice an infection in computer; if your system may suddenly become slower than before, or suddenly dubious pages are called in the Internet browser etc. etc.

Often it is enough to let the antivirus program to remove the malware. But there are also viruses that are so stubborn and sneaky that they duplicate themselves under a new name or include a protective mechanism. Your antivirus program will show you the rule where the program resides. Copy in this case, the directory path and write down the name of the program. This is usually an executable .exe or .bat file. Delete manually this program from the directory and then the Recycle Bin, so that no residues of the virus remain on your computer. Some good firewall or antivirus program to remove malware is available as freeware on the Internet for download, but paid versions are recommended for remaining fully protected.


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