Behaviors and Features that tell your pet’s age

The vast majority of people who have cats as pets do not buy in shops, but who adopt shelter or the street itself. The problem is that often it is unknown how old it is and we’re always guessing to know about how many years has.

Behaviors and Features that tell your pet’s age

There are several behaviors that indicate the average age of the cats. Obviously, when they are puppies you can tell from the size and playful and sociable. It is usually quite simple averaging the age of the cats after four months, as is the time where it has its arousal.

If the cats are calm and very little play is because they have spent the year and are in full adulthood. Usually this is extended to 7 years, and when they are above this average and older cats. The signs of aging in the cats are very easy to spot as they lose more hair, eat less and have less visual acuity.


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