Benefits of fruits to lower bad cholesterol

The medlar is a fruit that contains nutrients that help maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. These benefits can be achieved, based on its action against LDL or bad cholesterol. So if you fancy the loquats and have high cholesterol, here is information about how to act to lower the bad cholesterol.

Benefits of fruits to lower bad cholesterol

Benefits of loquat to lower bad cholesterol

  • The medlar has a great advantage for all its therapeutic properties to reduce LDL cholesterol.
  • One of the main compounds of loquat is the fiber (10.6 g./100 gr.), of which a significant percentage is soluble fiber that traps fat from food and excreted from the body without being absorbed.
  • On the other hand it has carotenoids, natural antioxidants which improve and accelerate the oxidation of fat in the cells.
  • It also has vitamin C, which helps to use the faster the circulating cholesterol, lowering bad cholesterol in blood.
  • Finally the pectin (soluble fiber) containing alkalinized the pH of the body, improving metabolism, which indirectly help in improving the functioning of cells and different organs.

For all these reasons, if you have to lower your bad cholesterol, you can include persimmons to your diet. Keep in mind that if you suffer from bowel problems, you can take your property if you eat it cooked.

Remember if in doubt, do not forget to consult your doctor for further questions.


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