Benefits of some effective Yoga postures

Benefits of some Yoga postures

As is known, performing Yoga can be positive for the mind and the body. However, each Yoga postures contributes its improvements in a specific way. Therefore it would be good to start knowing each one to know which one to focus on.

Cobra posture

The cobra posture is a movement that helps relieve sciatica pain, tones and regulates the functions of the ovaries to the extent of minimizing menstrual pain or problems of dysmenorrhea or amenorrhea. Likewise, it is also excellent for strengthening the spine and buttocks , improving asthma, as well as the digestion and functioning of certain organs such as the liver, gallbladder and bladder.

Fish posture

Fish pose is a movement that brings great virtues such as helping to relieve tension in the shoulders and neck, improve digestion, tone the parathyroid gland, pineal and pituitary, stretch the chest and relieve respiratory problems.

Camel posture

The camel posture is ideal to give flexibility to the spine , correct drooping shoulders, clean kidneys, stimulate the organs of the abdomen and neck, improve circulation, clean the lungs and relieve constipation .

Benefits of some Yoga postures

Tree posture

The position of the tree is perhaps one of the easiest postures to perform, but it does not stop providing great virtues to the organism . Among them is to strengthen the muscles of the leg and back, as well as the ankles, relieve sciatica, improve the sense of balance, concentration and minimize flat foot.

Boat posture

The position of the boat is usually key to improve balance and coordination , as well as digestion, strengthen the hips, abdominal muscles and thighs and stimulate the glands, kidneys and prostate.

So the ideal is to start with the simplest Yoga postures to be able to give the body a little push and to respond in the best way. So start filling up with benefits from now. What do you say?


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