Benefits of the oriental Shiatsu massage technique

Do you suffer from stress muscles, headaches, insomnia, nervousness, sore back and neck? Does the stress has taken over your life? We offer you a relaxing massage for the body to release all your senses and blow your imagination. Want to know the massage technique?

A massage Shiatsu “begins with handling throughout the body. Starting at the back, then lower the legs, arms and hands. First is one side of the body and then another, to end up doing outreach work and end up in the face and extremities,” said Marta Roig, specialist Shiatsu massage at Casa Elizalde de Barcelona.

Benefits of the oriental Shiatsu massage technique

“The pressure points is applied in coordination with the patient’s breathing, to achieve greater relaxation and better flow of energy,” said Roig. It has been shown that “prevention of diseases, maintaining and improving the overall health are factors that influences Shiatsu, therefore is considered effective in the field of preventive medicine,” says this specialist in oriental art.

It is important to note that this is a massage technique that goes far beyond the superficial layers of muscles, since the idea is not only relieve the tension but also benefit the range of motion for the joints, for this reason this type of massage is not recommended in people who have had a recent injury either because of an accident or just a sports injury.

It helps to relax muscles and according to the philosophy behind this technique also helps open the channels of energy that the body has. Its basic principle is the notion of vital energy (Qui in Chinese or Ki in Japanese). This energy circulates in the body through meridians or energy channels in which they can act on specific points (point acupuncture or tsubo) to unlock the flow of energy or improve it is weak. The aim of Shiatsu is to rebalance the flow of vital energy in our body and so many evils calm.

When you open these channels of energy balancing the body’s energy and it can flow freely. The energy flow can be blocked by emotional problems, stress or a chemical imbalance.

Effects and benefits of relaxation massage

  • The body’s vitality Reintegra
  • Helps regulate the hormonal system and blood circulation
  • Increases blood flow.
  • It stimulates the lymphatic flow and helps remove lactic acid and other waste that is generated by intense exercise.
  • Nutrition Improves muscle tone, elasticity and contractility.
  • It stimulates the immune system.
  • Eliminates dead cells from the skin, cleanses and tones.
  • Reduce stress. Produces a deep physical and mental relaxation.
  • Causes segregation of endorphins, hormones that “calm”.
  • Welfare effect of touch on our skin
  • Increases sensitivity and perceptiveness.

An effective Shiatsu massage should be done on the floor on a futon, you do not shed your clothes, only very slight wear clothing that will allow the massage therapist puts pressure on the body.


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