Best android antivirus currently available for free download

Android is by far the most widely used mobile operating system on the planet, being installed on virtually any device, with that in mind, it is no surprise to anyone that the vast majority of mobile malware is targeted to this operating system created by Google. Often, the malware that attacks Android is hidden inside fake applications. In short, applications that pass for another, usually, applications that are offered for free, despite the fact that the original applications are paid.

Android is by far the most widely used mobile operating system on the planet

As a security measure, the vast majority of Android phones by default do not allow the installation of software from unknown sources, that is, the vast majority does not allow the installation of applications that are outside the Google store, the problem is very Simple to remove that limitation and start installing any application thinking that we are saving a couple of dollars.

In any case, any software that is used in our Android phone , it would be prudent to have an antivirus application for android installed on our device.

Avast Antivirus: Avast is a giant when it comes to antivirus, after all, the vast majority of PC users know this antivirus if it is not already installed on a device. As with its desktop version, the free version of Avast for Android is quite complex for the vast majority of users.

Apart from having the functions expected within any modern antivirus for Android, it has additional features that include a call blocker, firewall and even anti-theft measures that allow us to remotely lock or wipe our Android device in case the phone is lost.

Bitdefender: BitDefender is a great name within the community linked to security, with a free antivirus program for Android that is extremely light. In fact, this antivirus stands out because it does not run in the background, which allows among other things, the release of resources, although what seems a benefit to many, can actually be a double-edged sword, since the one that does not run in the background, means that we must program scans or run the antivirus manually to be really safe.

Norton Security: This free application has been able to detect 100% of all the threats that have existed when talking about Android malware, all this in tests conducted a couple of months ago. The scanner that includes this antivirus for free android is powered by Norton Mobile Insight, something that allows you to detect viruses within applications and files, to later remove them automatically.

Other security features that we consider useful include the possibility of being able to block the phone through an SMS message, or in situations such as when the SIM card is removed. You can also choose to remotely lock our device if it is lost or something worse happens as it is stolen. You also have the option to be blocked after 10 unsuccessful attempts at entering the access code.


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