Mesolifting, popular anti-aging treatment

The mesolifting or facial mesotherapy is aesthetically medical anti-aging treatment is based on multiple injections of layers of skin very superficial with a microscopic needle.

What is done is the introduction of small amounts of a product in the neck, chest, face and back of hands to slow the aging process.

The mesolifting is one of the best anti aging treatments that prevents and slows skin aging, because it provides the nutrients lost due to the passage of time and the actions of external agents such as sun and snuff.

It is an ideal treatment for skin dull, dehydrated, with sagging skin, fine, no tone and photoaging. Can also be applied on the inside of the arms, legs and abdomen, but injected assets vary.

anti aging is not a painful treatment, but depending on the treatment area sensitivity is different

It is not a painful treatment, but depending on the treatment area sensitivity is different, so it is possible to apply an ointment anesthetic first.

In few sessions begin to see the results, the skin looks much smoother, toned and healthy. From the first session and it shows skin hydration and as treatment progresses skins start to become more bright, uniform in texture and color, without sagging, more dense, firm and contour the face much more defined.

The treatment is done in three phases. First there is an initiation phase applied biweekly injections concluding with 4 sessions, the second phase is the repair which are two sessions in a month. Finally is the maintenance phase comprising 1 session of mesolifting every 2-6 months depending on the age and the skin of the person.

Hyaluronic Acid: is an excellent tool for beauty because it can cause the skin to retain up to 30 times its volume in water as hydrated polymers form very high viscosity.

This asset is an excellent skin refreshing because it has impact on the proliferation of cells and is a regulator of skin microcirculation.

Multivitamin complex: it is a composite of 54 nutritional ingredients to help revitalize skin holistically, the deeply hydrate, improve the tone, elasticity and firmness.

This product contains 13 vitamins mesolifting stimulator cells, 24 amino acids that generate the synthesis of elastin and collagen, among others, 6 coenzymes catalyze biochemical reactions of the tissues, 5 nucleobases activating cellular communication, 4 minerals that nourish Skin and 2 antioxidants that prevent the synthesis of free radicals.

As you can see the mesolifting or facial mesotherapy is a great tool to mitigate aesthetic medical and against in aging, reducing the signs of aging and minimize the injuries generated by bad living habits and UV rays.


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