The best culinary destinations in the world

In recent years it has begun to popularize what he rightly called “culinary tourism”. Travel to various cities in the globe just to try their delicious food, visiting its famous restaurants and know their food culture. That is why we have made a small but interesting list of the best culinary destinations in the world. Prepare bags and cutlery!.

1. Lime Peru

The Peruvian capital for years lives called “gastronomic boom”, last year Peru was chosen the best culinary destination in the world by the prestigious “World Travel Award”. In this beautiful city find Mistura, the largest food festival in America, in addition to finding the best restaurant in America, Astrid & Gaston. Recently awarded by the Pellegrino list in its American version. Lime has the advantage of having good food at all levels, from the most luxurious restaurant as Central or a popular corner in a market. A fusion of flavors, colors, culture and gastronomic history. You can name important Lima as “Malabar”,”Party” or “Rafael”.

French food is justly famous for being one of the best in the world

2. NY United States

People say that this city is the capital of the world, and as gastronomy is concerned are not far from it. The “Big Apple” concentrates a large number of excellent restaurants of all cuisines in the world. But if it is high food restaurants we can name as Per se, the Le Bernardin the Mass, the Momofuku Ko or Daniel, 4 of the best restaurants in the world in one city.

3. Paris France

The French food is justly famous for being one of the best in the world, and the “City of Light” the perfect place for romance, and for good eating. This beautiful city has a range of restaurants much tradition and history, highlighting the fabled French gastronomy. You can also visit some of the best restaurants in the world as the L’Arpege, “LeChateaubriandd L’Astrance”, “L’Atelier Saint-Germain de Joël Robuchon” and “Septime”.

4. Hong Kong China

Chinese cuisine is another major culinary in the world, but in a few after the economic boom in the Asian country, Hong Kong has become the culinary capital of Asia, a case very similar to New York, hosting major food restaurants internationally renowned and not forgetting the delicious Chinese food. Be sure to visit the famous restaurants “Amber”, “8 ½ Otto e Mezzo Bombana”,”Bo Innovation”, “Caprice” and “Lung King Heen”.


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