The best foods to activate the metabolism

The green tea is another product that can not miss on a daily basis
There are people who have a slower metabolism than others or has slowed down over the years and the realization of diet regimens. These are cases, for example, of people who live permanently on a diet. The food is again the key to speed up the metabolism. In fact, there are foods and ingredients that are natural activators and should be incorporated into the daily dietary guidelines either to take them alone or inside other dishes.

Within the foods that are activators of the metabolism is cayenne pepper and chili . In both cases, they are recommended products because they contain capsaicin , which is a substance that stimulates the body to produce a breakdown of fat molecules found in adipose tissue.

The green tea is another product that can not miss on a daily basis . Its infusion has enormous advantages for the organism because it is a very depurative, besides being a real fat-burning. A characteristic to which is added also the greater metabolic stimulation.

The ginger is another great ally for activating the metabolism. It is estimated that it can increase caloric expenditure by up to 10%. Although they have a taste that is not usually liked by many people, the key to introducing it is the diet is to introduce it into the dishes as a seasoning or spice. So its flavor is not so obvious.

And finally, there are the proteins. Its action is greater than that of ginger because the thermal effect is estimated at about 30% when the person is at rest because the body needs that amount of energy to process them. The data is certainly quite striking, especially when compared to fats, which have a caloric expenditure of only 3% or carbohydrates, which is 7%. But you have to be careful not to abuse your consumption because it is not good for your health.


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