The best games of 2012 that have not played

Each year thousands of games for different consoles and devices are launched and obviously unless you have nothing to do with your life that you cannot enjoy playing the most. For this reason and in order to make you enjoy good games today we will show you some of the best titles of 2012 of which might not have seen or an image, but they are really good and fun.

The movement of independent game developers this year has increased significantly in relation to previous years

The movement of independent game developers this year has increased significantly in relation to previous years and this has left us a lot of interesting titles on different consoles and devices ranging from big brands like Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 to great games iOS and Android. Here are some of the best titles unknown, 2012.

Sine Mora

While games like Sine Mora enjoyed some impact on networks and video game magazines it did not approach a vast number of players. Sine Mora is a classic arcade game where good airplanes visuals and gameplay combine to deliver a title that will catch an addiction for hours.

Hotline Miami

If looking for violence, blood and you should see something bizarre this game several months ago when he made his entry into the world of video games. With a presentation in the style Grand Theft Auto, in Miami Hotline get ready to have to eliminate enemies in sadistic and extravagant colors and surrounded by phrases brutal creepy drawings that blend with the unpleasant.

Mark of the Ninja

Mark of the Ninja is a side scrolling game that will put you in one of the most exciting adventures you can find on XBLA. Here execute the diverse deaths to advance during a campaign that mixes stealth and cunning on a big story.

Super Hexagon

Undoubtedly one of the best titles for iOS this year 2012 has been Super Hexagon a game of speed, reaction and concentration where only the training and stubbornness will lead to victory. Besides being one of the best games for iOS is also one of the most difficult and probably never finish the entire scope.


If a game has to talk this year is none other than that Slender. This game has propelled his chair over a “courageous” player who set out to find the seven notes hidden in the woods. Slender tells the story of this character or urban legend that haunts around you when you are alone. This PC game will have a sequel so do not forget to visit us to be informed of the Slender sequel.

I invite you to enjoy these games which might not have given them the opportunity to earn your trust but as soon as they start gamer to play them as we are with original titles, fun and above all, something we love, addictive.


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