Small lesson on best practices of SEO for 2013

Article for beginners or even those who cheat by plagiarizing the content of others and believe that smart to copy small blocks of content over here and over there. It was written by a student who thought the copy-pasted scraps of text from one site to another and allowing to save time. Good lesson, do not you think?

For bloggers who want to improve their ranking, it is important to know that the contents of the page are the basis of any act of optimization.

Original content and unique guarantee indexing a blog or a page in search engines. Thus, you should be very careful with it: do not do too much advertising, choose keywords and place in a text. To do this, do not fall into the pitfalls of keyword stuffing and use of the most popular keywords.

Following the simple tips in this article will improve your SEO or at least you avoid some unpleasant surprises

All text must not contain duplicate content, that is to say, copying the texts of other without making its own sentence, copy paste type. And it turns out that duplicate items are penalized and even blog or website might be banned by the search engine.

Besides users and readers will not read your post because they have seen it elsewhere, where a bad image and reputation of your flight players.

The principle of marketing is to stand out from others, which is why the originality and exclusivity of a publication is very important. If readers are attracted, they will keep coming back to read your articles.

Speaking of players return, your items must be renewed to boost your blog. And each update, the topics that will need to change the type of diversification drive of your article.

In all cases, a captive as the originality of the whole text, share on social networks will perfect to gain visibility.

Little tip, always check the work of your students or publish content on your sites release. Following the simple tips in this article will improve your SEO or at least you avoid some unpleasant surprises. But it is a reminder on the basis of writing without going into the technical or linking.


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