Biostimulation light for skin care

Biostimulation Light therapy is a new beauty care treatment for the skin, makes use of light emitting diodes equipped with narrow band of different colors that stimulate the dermal and epidermal cells.

This treatment is neither invasive nor painful. It helps to stimulate cell function decreases with age, strengthening the defenses of the dermis to provide a natural sun protection factor of 15 past 8 sessions. It increases the brightness of the skin and having an effect anti-inflammatory used to supplement dermabrasion surgery, laser peels.

Bio-stimulation Light is ideal for applying before the summer to reduce the inflammatory response generated by exposure to sunlight, which is highly damaging to the skin. Moreover, this treatment inhibits the formation of free radicals, keeping skin younger.

Biostimulation light for skin care

Biostimulation light is beneficial for blood vessels, which makes it a suitable treatment for redness and rosacea. On the other hand to stimulate energy functions of the cells generated an increased production of collagen and elastin, thus getting tighter skin with fewer wrinkles and more smoothness.

The treatment also exerts an inhibitory action on melanin synthesis.

Finally the biostimulation light is effective for the treatment of acne and inflammatory proponiobacteriun (a genus of bacteria named for their unique metabolism). The blue and red light emitted by this treatment has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Usage of biostimulation light

The first step is to protect the eyes with special glasses, then activates the program specified by the type of skin of the person applies for a period of 15-20 minutes.


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