Birth of the first phone based on facebook

If there are two things that have marked the evolution of Internet access in recent years are social networks and the ability to access the network through mobile devices. And now the company HTC has decided to combine both, with the launch of its new terminal HTC ChaCha will go down in history as the first mobile phone focused on Facebook.

As we see in the picture, the HTC Chacha has a button in the corner with the characteristic blue F Facebook. Every time we hear a song, a web browsing or watching a picture, this button lights up. If we decide to press it, share the content they are accessing our profile of the popular social network automatically.

Birth of the first phone based on facebook

The design and structure of this phone may help your battery last a little longer than usual. However, those responsible for HTC not believe actually happen, because the social will be as addictive as is currently the case with chat Blackberry rampaging teenagers.

It is not the first time that HTC is imposed as a pioneer by launching handsets with new features not seen before. In fact, this was the company that launched for sale the first three phones using the Android operating system, which is also using this new HTC Chacha.

For now, this terminal may acquire users who have or want a contract with Orange, which has the device exclusively from July to late summer. Its price ranges between 0 and 159 euros depending on the contract, and although it will go on sale until July and you can book it.


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