Gestures and menus within applications of BlackBerry 10

They continued contacts with BlackBerry BB10 that let you see the benefits of the new operating system from RIM. On this occasion, in addition to re-teach you the operation in the main interface, also what you see within an application.

Blackberry BB10, a hypothetical blackberry touchscreen

You already know that moving between open applications, by going to the application launcher, return to the main screen, or check the notifications is simple and fully gestural, something that happen to get into a particular application.

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As you can see, move between menus and options, it again has to do with gestures that activate from the frames, or with movements of the screen, as if you move through layers.

When you are in the main BBM screen, in addition to the fixed bottom button bar, you have access to more options with a gesture towards left or right of the screen, but you believe that they provide comfort when it comes to actions.

At the top of the main screen of the application, you again have another Android style drop down menu, but this time, it is not a system menu, but a shortcut to application settings.

When it comes to get you in configurations, or in different levels of menus, always you can return with a gesture to the back (scroll from left to right).

Returning to the menu, there is a new type that unfolds from your left to stop and hold an item on the screen. The same options are relative to the element.

It is important to highlight the consistency of multitasking, in the video, moves by different applications, in which the contextual menus that you have been describing left open. To return to the main screen, the preview shows it as such, and again, you are in the same State.

Another detail that you will like in BlackBerry 10 is the visualization of the change of screen with gestures. When it comes to moving around, you do not have to return to the previous panel to view information, because that move you a little bit, you started to see the content (well can be a notification, or text), and without having to get there, again with the gesture back to the position you started.


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