Photos of BlackBerry OS BB10 user interface

It is nothing new that the BlackBerry platform 10 (or BB10) will be presented to the public on a global event scheduled for January 30, 2013 which involves six major cities, Paris, London, New York, Toronto, Dubai and Johannesburg to act as witnesses to the launch of BB10 and its smartphones.

BlackBerry 10 default applications

We have already given an in depth look at the BlackBerry 10 (BB10) operating system and today we proposed some images involving the applications of default, configuration, Adobe Reader, compass and a consumer application much like Story Maker.

BlackBerry 10 default applications

The new BlackBerry 10 offers a wide range of applications in default as you can see in the photos that appear. To switch between pages will be enough to push them from right to left or press the keys present between the last line of applications and the banner with phone functions, research and camera. Simply pressing on the various pages you can move immediately on the one you want. You can create multiple pages depending on your personal approach.

Configuring BlackBerry 10

Once launched the BlackBerry 10, you must configure the language, the country and your BlackBerry ID. All are very simple thanks to the simple guides that takes you step by step.

BlackBerry platform 10 (or BB10)

Adobe Reader for BlackBerry 10

An application that does not need any introduction and that allows you to have access to documents. Pdf file can be viewed directly from email or from the application of the same name.

Compass BlackBerry 10

The compass is changed compared to the one you know in BlackBerry 7 and becomes three-dimensional. Moving your device appears to you in giving your 3D localization. It is an application that you may not use every day but understand the power of the new BB10 platform that can also be seen from these small applications rich in details.

BB10 user interface images involving the default applications

Story Maker for BlackBerry 10

In July of 2011, RIM has acquired JayCut software company for video editing and that took care of Story Maker. RIM had said from the outset the reasons for this purchase to be found in the possibility to add video editing capabilities to the BlackBerry platform enriching multimedia experience for our users. With Story Maker you can create videos with your photos directly from your BlackBerry 10 smartphone. Taking a concrete example you can create a movie of photos of your holidays adding a soundtrack and making a real video store or share with friends.

Overall you can give a nice look at some aspects of the operating system BB10.


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