Board Training In The Gym: Online Personal Trainer

Physical activity is very important. Left to yourselves in the gym, but without following a specific course, we are often not able to stare at a sheet of exercises that can ensure the proper training of all muscles of the body. In this online personal trainer guide, we want to leave you an example of a training schedule that you can choose to comply with or take as a starting point and customize it.

The first, fundamental, is heating. It is good to prepare the muscles before training, removing the danger of possible cramps. You could practice the heating on a moving treadmill or just running, alternating bounding and a few moments of recovery. Ten minutes in all, enough. At that point, you begin to train the legs. You might start exercising real with a series of lunges or exercises with the machines. You should spend at least 20 minutes at the bottom of your body, training quadriceps, calves, buttocks and inner thigh.

you could relax on the mat, raise your legs perpendicular to the floor

Then the training of the legs, arms past. Depending on whether you are more or less fit, you might get some small weights and begin to train your biceps and triceps, alternating. If you pun taste to the mass enlargement of muscle, you should take gradually increasing weights, practicing the exercises and efforts slowly. However, if your goal was to tone your arms, you should aim for small weights, or even without weights, doing many exercises and quick spring so as to drain and encourage aerobic activity of the muscles. This applies, of course, both for the periods for the arms and for those for the legs. Trained arms for at least 10 minutes.

Given over at least another 15 minutes to the area softer of the body: the abs! Practice it is important to eliminate the abdominal fat that accumulates especially at that height and tone the tummy exercises for the abdominals is to be done well by adjusting the breath, when the abdominal muscles are contracted, in fact, you will exhale.

For example, you could relax on the mat, raise your legs perpendicular to the floor, place your hands behind your head and begin to lift the chest to the legs, again and again, exhaling when you pick him up You could the same exercise with your legs bent, but the effort would be less to train, however, the abdominal side, you could stretch your arms out to the sides of the body, always lying, and pull them toward your legs alternately, on each side, bouncing.


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