How to overcome body dysmorphic disorder

A positive self image is very important for success and happiness. In this note I tell what body dysmorphic disorder that afflicts men and women, and what are the tools available to overcome it.

The anorexia and bulimia are not the only evils that exist regarding body image, there is also body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), which often goes hand in hand with them.

This disorder is characterized by a marked difference between the real body of a person and how that person sees itself. The body dysmorphic disorder is similar to eating disorders because in both there is a concern about body image. However, a person with an eating disorder worries about weight and shape the entire body, while a person with BDD is concerned with a specific part of the body.

Women are more vulnerable to these problems, because today is very strong the connection is created between the way one looks with the value as a human being possesses.

The depression can also play an important role in the problems of body image, and can sometimes create bad habits that endanger their own health and make you feel really miserable.

body dysmorphic disorder

For men, bulimia and anorexia are not as common, but no longer a ghost to them. In addition to these disorders in the male audience are many cases of “vigorexia” a condition characterized by excessive physical activity with the combined use of steroids to get to get the muscle mass you have “no”.

Those with vigorexia are small, shapeless and with little muscle, despite being every day more and more voluptuous.
Males can also suffer from body dysmorphic disorder, but unfortunately this problem tends to be ignored, as it is still a condition widely regarded as “feminine”.

How to overcome body dysmorphic disorder

Regardless, if it’s a man or a woman, there are ways to overcome the disorder of body image.

Accept your body and your genetic inheritance

Some things in your body simply can not be changed, because they are programmed in your genes. Learn to accept that and respect yourself as you are. With the help of a positive attitude and a prioritized focus on health, not weight or muscle mass, overcoming body image problems becomes easier.

Do not be swayed

Do not be swayed by the “ideal” body constantly displayed in the media, because this is not real naturally. Remember that all the pictures that you see in ads and magazines have gone through an editing process in which attributes are added and subtracted flaws that the person in question.

People with body image issues, just do not have to pay attention to these bodies portrayed in the media, since most are unattainable.

learns to detect the root of your body image issues are beginning to accept how the bodies actually of the various people and refuse to mope for not reaching that ideal manufactured by society,

Put your health first

You have to focus on a healthy lifestyle and keep in mind that there is no quick way to get the body you want, especially when it means starving yourself or using and abusing steroids.

If you have problems with the way you look and feel, do not be afraid to seek help. Most people with low self-esteem that are not accepted as they are, and they are unhappy with themselves must work with therapists to discover the tools that help them cope with their ailments.

Think you deserve to be happy, that people will value you and love you for who you are. No need to change and become someone else to be accepted. Take care of yourself and love yourself, because if you do neither can others.

You’re worth a lot. Never forget that.


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