Boilerplate text apps now available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Boilerplate text the word originally comes from English and means a written statement from standard texts.

Boilerplate texts can add apps as important text excerpts everywhere. It is a constant block of text that is usually at the end of a text. In emails Boiler Plates are often used as a signature. These text blocks are used not only in media relations, but also in the printing industry and programming. In press releases they contain the most important general information about the company that published the message. Boiler Plates remain thus for a long periods of time and do not necessarily have a direct bearing on the content of the text. Using this text block can be detected at glance consistent information.

Using the boilerplate text apps, long texts can be written faster

Boilerplate now available as an app for iPhone

Since early December 2010, Boilerplate texts available as an app for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. On the Internet, this app can be downloaded for free on various websites. The app is suitable for users aged four years and contains no objectionable material. The program is offered exclusively in the English language. Since January 2011, improved & revised version 1.2 of the apps is available.

The advantages of Boilerplate Apps

Using the boilerplate text apps, long texts can be written faster. With one finger stroke repetitive passages can be easily inserted into the flowing text. The text can easily be created by the users of the apps themselves. In particular numbers, addresses and email addresses that are typed again painfully, can be inserted in a few seconds, a significant time saving with the result.

Subsequently, these texts can be inserted quickly and easily as in any other app and sent as SMS or email, be published or stored in Twitter. Emails and text messages in seconds, for example, contain the main information about the sender. Several passages of text can be stored under their respective titles.


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