BPG Motors’ UNO III: unicycle or bike?

BPG Motors’ UNO III: unicycle or bike?

BPG Motors has manufactured a vehicle that looks like a motorcycle with two wheels close together, similar to a unicycle. Named UNO, this vehicle is still evolving and currently in the third version.

Canadian group has mastered the production of hybrid vehicles physically. Initially, UNO III looks like its two predecessors. UNO III is a unicycle with two wheels side by side that uses a gyroscope to maintain balance. Unlike its previous versions, UNO III can be transformed into a bike since it hides in its third wheel fairing. This wheel is retractable and starts up front for the bike mode. The three models are electric and designed by the young Ben Gulak.

The design of the unicycle is so flexible that the rider can store it in their office and even easily fit into an elevator.

It has a speed of 35 mph in maximum and BPG Motors is planing to launch the vehicle by the year 2012.


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