Bra Screening: bodice for early detection of breast cancer

October is the month in which, worldwide, it is raising awareness among the population about breast cancer, especially in prevention and care, because they are one of the best and most effective advocacy or defense tools.

Bra Screening: bodice for early detection of breast cancer

In order to safeguard the health of women, new methods and therapies are constantly disclosed to alleviate the great specter of breast cancer. Within this framework, it is recently reported that the existence of a new bra that would help women to detect this disease in early times, even long before it is visible on a mammogram.

Bra for early diagnosis of breast cancer

What better than to have a bra while being a very useful and comfortable garment, also protect you from breast cancer. While it seems the stuff of science fiction, not so much because it is the Screening Bra, a bra created by the company Real First Warning Systems of Reno in Nevada.

This bra acts as a breast scanner capable of alerting the woman wearing it about suspicious changes in breast tissue. This system appears to be very useful in women under 40 years, which do not give good results for the density mammograms have breast naturally at this age.

Moreover, the Screening Bra also avoids the problems that can cause radiation and false positives that can occur in mammograms. This device aims to mimic the results of mammograms and breast self-examination with the same exactitudque, but much earlier.

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The bra is equipped with 16 temperature sensors and is able to detect changes in breast tissue in the deeper levels of the chest. So far there have been three clinical trials and testing in 650 women, which gave results slightly more than 90% of accuracy. The bra can even send data via Internet to analyze properly.

It has been reported to be found on sale in European markets in the coming year, in the United States, (after being approved by the FDA) it will be available for 2014.


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