Breast Enlargement: Natural Remedies for Breast Enhancement

Do you thinking about breast augmentation or breast implants. Have you ever felt self-conscious about having small breasts? If your answer is yes, do not be alarmed, it is very natural because we live in a society that glorifies the big bust. Maybe you’ve thought about resorting to cosmetic surgery but not yet convinced the idea will go under the knife.

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So here are some proven ideas to increase the size of your breasts naturally. You do not need surgery but perseverance, patience and maybe some exercise.

There are many ways to increase breast size naturally. One of them is drinking tea. Believe it or not, so simple. There are several herbs that have the ability to increase the breast size they favor the production of estrogen, the female hormone responsible for sexual maturation. What are all these herbs?

The most efficient and fastest results is that the fenugreek. You buy any herbal and can be done with it a cold or hot tea. Some prefer to make a quart of iced tea fenugreek leave it in the fridge and they’re going to drink throughout the day. The infusion is very simple to prepare is to boil a teaspoon of fenugreek in a jar of water. If you prefer hot tea you drink three times daily in the morning when you wake up at noon after eating and at night before going to sleep. In less than a week see your breasts firmer, rounded and with two or three sizes too.


Another of the herbs used is the blessed thistle. You can also use it for an infusion. But we must recognize that their results are not as fast as fenugreek, the process is much slower but just as effective.


There are also pills to enlarge breasts. There is nothing to fear from these as most are made from natural products such as those mentioned fenugreek and blessed thistle, and other herbs. They have a similar effect on birth control pills, estrogen promotes the production of producing the same effect as teenagers and begin to mature physically. There are many pills on the market, many of them can be bought online mode. But if you consult your doctor, it is good for you.


If you want to supplement these treatments nonsurgical increase the size of your breasts you can exercise. The best exercise for a firmer breasts is swimming. You work your pecs by giving you breasts firmer and appear to be greater because the chest is very firm and worked. If you do not have time for the pool, doing pushups will help your breasts to be more firm and beautiful. But you should exercise at least three times a week for 20 minutes.


Following this routine you have a preferred cleavage that all will turn to look.


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