Breast enlargement technique without surgery

A considerable number of women intend to have larger breasts at some point in their lives or improve after infancy. Although the risks and implications of the surgery and silicone implants that discourages a few of them.

Therefore, since Macrolane promises without surgery breast augmentation is a surgical technique that is increasingly chosen. No more plastic surgery is needed.

Breast enlargement technique without surgery


The recent worldwide controversy with the French silicone implants PIP has rekindled the debate over the safety of breast implants. Thus many women are unwilling to take any risks by placing a foreign object inside their bodies.

Macrolane, however, is a hyaluronic acid gel much more secure to enlarge the bust.

This gel can be used to fill different parts of the body. Note that is made from hyaluronic acid, a natural compound in the body, which is why there is no risk of toxicity, or that cause cancer or other diseases.

It is a hyaluronic acid gel origin from animal, which has a composition similar to Restylane, a facial filler widely used to improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles. However, Macrolane is denser, making that does not disperse easily and stay much longer in the area of application. Therefore, it is much better for modeling the silhouette in different parts of the body.

Another great advantage of Macrolane for breast augmentation it is applied with a minimally invasive, greatly reducing the recovery time, pain after the procedure, the chances of infection, rejection of material, among other possible risks in surgery conventional implants. However, if you are interested in the procedure, you should find a surgeon certified to ensure your health and safety.

Macrolane injection is applied by the product between the skin and muscle to increase its size and shape modeling. Because of this, you need just a little local anesthetic to not feel the needles. The procedure takes 30 to 90 minutes, and return almost immediately, why should not be allowed to work or perform daily activities: it is almost like going to the dentist.

A fact not less, does not alter the functionality of the breast, there is no problem with breastfeeding or prevent the proper diagnosis of breast tumors or diseases.

On the downside, it must say that Macrolane is resorbed over time, so it is necessary an annual touch. By the nature of its technique, it is not possible to make large increases in volumes: just a little more to look more sexy cleavage but not exuberant.

The contraindications are many: not recommended for people with allergic to hyaluronic acid – the main component of the gel – and of course, not for pregnant or nursing mothers.


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