Business Relationship and characteristic of a social media marketing

Social media marketing is one of the most effective method of business communications especially for the e-commerce fields. The customer today is a subject that feels more and more the need to interact with the brand, claiming that this is raised to a level equal to, and want to accept the exchange of views. This is the belief universally accepted among experts and that is often taken for granted.

Social media marketing is one of the most effective method of business communications especially for the e-commerce fields

It should be obvious to expect that when a brand decides to weave their relationships with customers, this is prone to dialogue with their audience, answering their questions (or at least a clear majority) and making it as quickly as possible, so that the interaction will be smoother, are significant in this sense, the data reported by Socialbakers, in a post which examines how, in fact, the customer care online brand is attentive to the needs of users.

What actually happens is often very different. The data reported by Socialbakers speak for themselves: 70% of the applications on Facebook are ignored. In fact, 25% of the brand decides to “close” their bulletin board, avoiding user questions and giving in totally to dialogue. It appears that a customer has now become aware of what are the dynamics of the market and capable of choices more personal and autonomous, is not matched by an adequate awareness of the new brand and dynamics communication.

Distinguish, simplifying, three main categories of web communication, which are derived from different communication approaches: the web as a showcase, exchange trunk and social-communication.

The first, now reductive approach to web communication with the client is to use the web as a window through which to show off. This was the approach of the first websites at the time of their initial mass distribution. To look good, however, the communicative logic of that 25% of the brands that decide to close down their message boards and avoid the dialogue is the same quell internet made of 56k modem and Napster. The error that leads to such a simplistic approach is to overestimate their own inherent persuasiveness. This deification of the brand is now outdated and meets the criteria of one-way communication that you have today a very limited efficacy.

The second category refers to the approach of those brands trying to engage the user, not only reporting the news but making and actions that the user participates in what is the universe of values. However, this attitude, tended to accompany the enthusiasm of customers, too often turns into a feeling of isolation when to be expressed is critical, the discontent, the uncomfortable questions. A choice of this type comes from the fear of attacks or protests to the brand. The relationship with the fans is live only when the feedback is positive, but the brand avoids the constructive dialogue on the most controversial issues.

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A social media marketing manager should instead not only able to accept criticism, but find in them, even more than in the demonstrations of enthusiasm, the opportunity to appear interested and attentive to the needs and moods of the customer. Do not answer a question submitted by a user is equivalent only to take a neutral position but annoyed their target threatening to make him suspicious or downright hostile. On the other hand, a concerned and involved participation by the brand to the issues or concerns of the fans, strengthens the bond of trust and it is here that the brand is shown as a person and acting at the same level of individual customers, build lasting relationships.

The characteristic of a social media marketing lies in its being a space for the exchange of communication. The exchange should be as spontaneous and free from constraints. There is no doubt that the ability to focus the attention of the public, makes social media marketing a perfect vehicle through which brands can establish relationships. As long as this happens, however, it is necessary that the brand accept and agree with the rules of the context in which they chose to move. At the end of the great potential of a social network is just to connect two entities and make them “become friends.” The brand, this is no exception.


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