Buying a used car from dealer or private seller?

As the recession continues to be felt in elsewhere, it is hardly surprising that many people prefer to buy second hand cars, preferably brand new. In this article we will see some tips that should make the selection and purchase of used cars a little easier.
The first important decision is whether to go to a private seller or dealer for buying used cars. Both methods have distinct advantages and disadvantages, and here we will describe some of those that are essential. If you spend some time looking at cars from both private sellers and dealers, you will see that private sellers offer their cars for much less than the dealers.
While it is tempting to go to a private vendor because their cars are less expensive, it is worth remembering that the dealer will offer a kind of guarantee – something that a private seller does not provide.
At the same time, dealers often offer their cars with other things such as roadside assistance. Another advantage of the concession is that you can look around a wide range of cars in one place, while most private sellers tend to sell one car at a time.
If you go to a private vendor when searching for used cars, you should make sure to verify all aspects of the car. Do not feel rushed by the seller – just take your time and look at the details of the car, the edges of rust etc.
Sometimes, the seller may not be quite honest with you, and you might see a patch on the car that looks a bit suspect, he might have had some work to it. If you suspect cheating, it’s a good idea to bring a magnet with you, so you can tell if the patch is magnetic as it should be – or if it is made of a kind of non-magnetic filler material.
Good point on the dealers is that their cars are sold in the prior do not disappear, while private vendors could be there one day and gone the next.

If you buy a car from a private seller, then return to them because you find a problem, you do not really have a leg to stand on legally, unless you have established a prior agreement. It is important not to rush the process, take your time and makes sure that whatever method you go to purchase – you get the right car.

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