California Senate approved the safety requirements of autonomous driving vehicles

The California State Senate approved legislation establishing new rules and regulations for autonomous driving vehicles this week. The bill, known as SB 1298, has been approved by the House with 37 votes in favor and none against.

The following legal procedure goes through the approval of Senate Bill 1298 by the State Assembly, which is expected to issue its verdict within the next month. This approval of the California authorities, comes after the State of Nevada adopted its own rules on autonomous driving vehicles.

In California are taking a more cautious approach against this technology. Nevada granted Google a license to test first, allowing the company to start road trials of the State. The California bill does not go far at first. So far only provided an overview of performance and safety requirements to be met by manufacturers before embarking on test drives.

These vehicles also have to meet existing federal and state standards for safety, and you must include a mechanism to disable the autonomous functions in an emergency. At least one licensed driver must remain in the vehicle during testing of the units, and companies wishing to perform these studies have to have insurance worth 5 million dollars.
The California Senate approved the safety requirements of autonomous driving vehicles
Sen. Alex Padilla, author of the bill, believes this could pave the way for autonomous driving vehicles, making California a global leader in this technology in the automotive industry and creating new jobs. Padilla believes that the benefits of autonomous driving vehicles beyond the realm of economics.

Thousands of Californians die tragically in car accidents each year. The vast majority of these collisions are due to human error. Using computers, sensors and other systems, one can analyze the autonomous vehicle driving environment more rapidly and accurately, and can manage the vehicle more safely.

Sourece: The Verge


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