Caring and avoid breaking the hair dyeing or bleaching

Enhance the beauty of hair and face, cover or take bolder look gray, are the most common reasons for people to dye the hair.

Until a few years ago this procedure was considered somewhat risky, because the components of the tinctures were very strong and often mistreat the hair. However, thanks to technological advances in the cosmetic field, currently such products provide colour and protection to the hair, they are added with vitamins, moisturizers and sunscreens.

Caring and avoid breaking the hair dyeing or bleaching

However, it is important consider dyeing hair involves extra care, since subjecting to the action of chemical substances may suffer mild loss of moisture and modify its pH, it is advisable to implement certain recommendations that keep their shine and softness.

Dyed hair is more sensitive to solar radiation (which manifests itself by rinsing and change of tone), there are to choose hair products that also contain sunscreen, which provide a protective film that adheres firmly to the idle hair surface, block ultraviolet rays to maintain the intensity of the color, and allow the hair to look shiny and is silky to the touch.

Importance of the shampoo and conditioner

This type of shampoo is slightly acidy to keep the hair cuticle in good condition, adds moisture (which prevents deterioration and preserves the color at the maximum), ensures softness, protects from external aggressions and provides nutrients. Avoid the use of anti-dandruff shampoos that contain minerals zinc or selenium, which cause hair to become green or turquoise. If it is necessary to apply them, you should do once a week.

The air conditioner is the second important step to keep the hair healthy and beautiful, it revives the brightness and allows you to look like the first day that the dye was applied also hydrates it, leaves manageable, seals the cuticle, offers moisture and protects from the effects of the Sun’s ultraviolet rays.
There are conditioners fortifiers without rinse, which operate throughout the day to the interior of the hair and create a layer that prevents the deterioration. They contain vitamins, sunscreens, keratin and extracts of herbs and/or fruit wax, compounds that allow maintaining strong, healthy hair and bright; You can use every day.

It is possible to have recourse to revitalizing conditioners, which are applied every three days to restore elasticity to any type of hair.


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