Caring for the facial and body skin at age 20

At age 20, the skin, both the face and body, has a health and looks really good. If you are between 20 and 30, it is sure to have no hints of wrinkles and that beyond the type of skin you have chances are that it is hydrated and sebaceous balance, i.e. the grease in the right spot. You need to maintain beautiful skin and prevent early onset of fine lines is not enough, however, you will gain a lot in the future if now follow a few simple steps to protect your skin young.
Caring for the skin at 20
This means that it is not flattering you apply on your skin wrinkle creams, serums, or firming. Regularly take care the rejuvenating and contours of eyes, and stick to basic care that focuses on hydrating, maintain cleanliness and protect from the sun.

It is important to always take off your makeup with moisturizing creams. In the morning before applying makeup, you can implement a cleaning routine that includes:

Foam soap-free facial
A slightly astringent tonic cleaning
A hydrant cream with SPF filter 15 in winter and 25 in summer

Moisturize with what products?
To find out which cosmetics will be good for you, find out what type of skin is yours. This can be said in any cosmetic center: it may be normal skin, dry, oily, sensitive or mixed. With this information, you will know if you need a moisturizer with water or oil based or hypoallergenic and alcohol free.

As at any age, to 20 years the best way to hydrate the skin is inside. The water, that precious non-renewable resource, is the main support for the skin fresh, bright and soft. Also, always choose fruits as snacks, and drink lots of juices. Of course, not clothes in smoking, the largest cellular oxidation factor.

Extra Care
While the skin 20 years hardly needs more care than the above, there may be cases of very dry skin, or too fat that merit special attention. Occasional use masks can give answer to the problem in one or two applications.

If you have very dry skin, uses masks made based on olive oil, honey, or almond oil. At the same time, try to drink plenty of fluids and eat plenty of nuts and sunflower seeds and sesame.

If your problem is excess fat are best clay masks, as well as those made based on citrus. As for food, try to oranges, lemons, strawberries and kiwi, are part of your daily diet


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