Causes and cure of arthritis, according to Chinese medicine

Western medicine has failed to understand how they arise and heal some types of arthritis but could not yet reveal many questions. For its part, eastern medicine seems to find the answer to many of these questions, based on the Qi.

Causes and cure of arthritis, according to Chinese medicine

Weakness of the internal organs

It is known that the state of internal organs is directly related to overall body health. According to Chinese medicine, there are five Yin organs, which are considered the most important for our health and longevity. These organs include the heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, and spleen. If any of these five organs are not functioning properly, could occur illness and even death. Moreover, these five bodies are mutually interrelated. Whenever there is a problem with one, the others will also be involved. For example, gouty arthritis, occurs as a result of malfunction of the liver and kidneys.

Defective genes

Recently it is known that some types of arthritis are caused by defective genes that are inherited from parents. According to Chinese medicine, the genes are considered the essence of a person. This is essentially responsible for the production of hormones, which generates Qi. When Qi is conveyed to the brain, improves the spirit. If this process is operating normally, the immune system is strong, and there is less chance of getting a disease. One of the main objectives of Qi-gong is how to improve the intrinsic essence Qi, efficiently, to lead to the brain.

Weak joints

Weak joints can be hereditary or due to lack of exercise. The body is a living machine, so the more you use, the better   have been inside. For Chinese medicine, even if a person has inherited a weak joint, still can be improved through Qi-gong. When a person exercises his body, the Qi is brought into the joints by the same movement of the muscles and tendons. This strengthens the joints and can even reconstituted.


According to the medicine, some types of arthritis are caused by damage to the joints. Although these lesions may not be serious if left untreated can have very negative results. Injuries can affect muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and even bones. In the event that it is not a common injury, or even if it is minor, the normal flow of Qi in the common area will be affected. And if this situation persists, the imbalance of Qi can cause problems such as arthritis.


Aging is the cause of many diseases, including arthritis when a person approaches old age, low level of Qi in your body. And as your system is deprived of the necessary amount of Qi, it begins to degenerate. One of the main objectives in the practice of Qi-gong is to learn how to slow the aging process, accumulate Qi in the body.

Qi Deficiency

Qi deficiency, is responsible for many problems. It can be caused by depression and sadness, which in turn can lead to Qi in and transform the body into Yin. When this happens, people often feel cold. If this problem persists for a long time, muscles and tendons also be affected by the lack of Qi, and joints weaken.

Qi deficiency may have other causes, such as external weather conditions. For example, the Qi of a body can be deficient during the winter, and, therefore, arthritis can be more severe.

Qi deficiency can also be caused by working for long and long periods in moist areas, or exposing the joints of the body to cold.


The tension stress includes both mental and physical stress, which are directly related and can not be separated. The constant mental and physical stress can increase the pressure on the joints. For example, some people living in a very tense and clench their teeth during sleep, can cause arthritis in the jaw. Many of the tensions of the body, are caused by emotional disturbances, which are related to the mental reaction to negative or stressful events. Therefore, knowing exactly how to achieve mental mastery is a very important part of arthritis treatment.

In search of a cure

There are also other possible means to prevent or cure arthritis, in addition to those already mentioned. While many are still awaiting scientific confirmation, it may be interesting to know.

However, it should be clear that any body or agency has its own unique characteristics and its own unique heritage. Moreover, habits and lifestyle that every person has developed, as well as mental and physical structure is different from the others. For example, some allergies affect certain people, while others do not.

What this means is that a person can not necessarily use the same method to another, to treat his own problem, even when it has the same disease. The same modern Western medicine has found that these treatments do not work equally well for all patients. Therefore, do not automatically take some of the treatment methods described.

1. Diet

People who have experimented with the Qi-gong, has always considered food as a significant influence on the condition of Qi within the body. For this reason, the diet is a major concern of Chinese medicine. In fact, there is a saying which states that “we are what we eat”. It is well known that an unbalanced diet, is one of the leading causes of gouty arthritis. The Chinese have found many types of herbs that can reduce pain and swelling of arthritis. Recently discovered that protein, calories and fat can reduce inflammation of arthritis. Certain fish oils can also interfere with the inflammation process, and therefore reduce the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

2. Change of residence

Since the Qi of an environment can affect the body’s Qi, people with arthritis should take into account this method. If the weather where you live is too wet or cold, can worsen arthritis. Recently, it was found that the Qi of the body can be affected significantly by the electromagnetic fields generated by some apparatus with modern technology, and therefore cause some types of cancer. For example, people living near power lines tend to be more prone to cancer. Quite possibly, environmental effects are similar with respect to arthritis.

3. Changes in lifestyle

Lifestyle affects how the Qi circulates in the body. If a person feels sick often, especially in the mental aspect, need to change your lifestyle. The way a person thinks and coordinates the pattern of Qi in your body with natural Qi is very important to your health. Whenever the flow of Qi is against the nature, the person will be sick. Thus, to improve the circulation of Qi, you can walk for an hour or Qigong exercises every morning.

4. Clothing

What does a person view also affect your body’s Qi. In winter, a person must be warm, and especially protect your joints. Joints that are left unprotected to the cold, they lose their Qi very quickly.

It has been discovered that many fabrics made from artificial fibers can affect the distribution and circulation of Qi in the body. For example, we know that the polyester can cause stagnation of Qi, thus preventing the body’s Qi is exchanged with external Qi.

In fact, you may have noticed that the clothes made of polyester, can accumulate a considerable amount of static electricity during the winter. This forges an electromagnetic field, thus affecting the flow of Qi in your body.

There are many other ways to improve some types of arthritis. For example, we know that sexual activity can stimulate the adrenal glands to produce more corticosteroid, a hormone that reduces inflammation and common pain. It is also believed that sexual activity can release endorphins, which helps in the recovery process.

This is only a summary of the broad contributions that Chinese medicine can do about the cure of arthritis. Therefore, you must be humble and be very open to this knowledge, which undoubtedly will help arthritis treatments offered by modern medicine.


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