Causes and solutions for hair loss

The hair loss is normal as long as the hairs you lose is then recovered automatically. The natural thing is to lose up to one hundred hairs a day, which is only logical is when you noticed that do not grow back.

Causes and solutions for hair loss

It is then that you must implement an urgent solution to the problem of hair loss. But before discussing possible solutions it need to be explained what are the causes of such loss.

Health problems: the general state of your health harms the hair, for example illness, surgery, childbirth, medical treatment with certain drugs, pills, etc. After these health states hair grows back normally.

Hormonal changes: any hormonal change such as menopause occurs hair loss in women. This is due to decreased estrogen and testosterone increased in your body.

S age: Arrival certain age, after 40 years, you have half of follicles that had at birth.
Inheritance: sometimes hair loss problems in both women and men are totally genetic.

Stress: the mood of the person with a lot of stress triggers hormonal disorders that cause hair loss.

Poor feeding: lack of essential nutrients in the body causing such loss. The best solution is to eat healthily and strengthen food with multivitamins.

The causes should be determined by a physician through physical analysis to know the results after applying the most suitable solutions.

Some of these solutions could be:
Oils or lotions.
Hair replacement in the affected areas.
Intake of vitamins.
Treatment with medicinal products.
Improving nutrition.

Aesthetically the best solution is to realize a haircut grant you a high volume of warm colored dye so that it may look thick and full.


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