Causes, symptoms and treatment of a protein allergy

A protein allergy can treat mainly through strict avoidance of allergenic foods and medical treatment.

The number of people with allergic reactions to the consumption of food has risen sharply in recent years. Especially with an egg allergy, it is very difficult to find a cause. In some cases, a food allergy is an immune response against specific proteins. Already in infancy, in some cases the first sign, while many children are allergic to cow’s milk or egg whites.

The allergic reactions

The grain protein in wheat may also cause allergic reactions. Often occur at this allergy symptoms such as digestive disorders. Shortly after eating diarrhea occur, to vomiting, severe abdominal pain or nausea. Even breathing problems and skin rashes may belong to the allergic reactions in the form of a protein allergy.

The allergic reactions are triggered in most cases as a defense of the immune system. It is the immune system produces antibodies against the proteins and how they will fight pathogens.

A protein allergy can have other causes, for example, excessive consumption of alcohol lead to a subsequent intolerance to proteins or even psychosomatic disorders can lead to allergies. Generally, even an excessive intake of protein over a longer period leading to a protein allergy.

A life without protein?

For a healthy lifestyle are essential proteins, they are in many foods. Besides dairy products, eggs and chicken proteins are also found in grains, seafood and fish. This is when someone noticed a reaction to fish, it must respond not necessarily allergic to the protein in corn.

For hay fever is a hypersensitivity effect, this does not help with a protein allergy. Only the absolute renunciation of the foods that trigger an allergy, can bring relief.

A very good option is to switch to vegetable protein and gluten-free foods. There are many allergy sufferers who can not tolerate certain types of protein, but other varieties can take easily to him. Relatively often, the intolerance, the protein in dairy products.


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