Cell phone accessories, hidden things

Popular mobile phone accessories include the mobile phone covers and cell phone chains. But they are intended exclusively for the beautification of the mobile phone.

At the start, there must be a clear distinction between equipment and accessories. The part that manufacturer supplied is important because it enhanced the functionality of the phone. Cell Phone Accessories, however, are actually useless. They are solely for beautification and further customization of the phone. They make the phone itself to trendy fashion item.

Colorful Covers

In addition to the mobile industry with hundreds of models, another market has developed. It has made its mission to provide a huge range of mobile phone accessories to the users of mobile phones. The trend has begun to embellish the upper shells. Each manufacturer offers, in all sorts of patterns and motifs. The creative Nokia, Siemens or other can now be self-create. The image of the friend may be made to the upper shell and must no longer serve only as wallpaper.

Mobile chain

Another popular accessory that is feverously used primarily by young mobile phone owners, is the mobile phone chain called “chin chin” or “moshi”. Unlike the upper shell it also has quite a practical benefit.

Mobile Phone Case

Like the clothing for pets, the cell phone pocket completely unnecessary and mostly met the aesthetic desires of the customer. It is available either with Swarovski crystals or a floral pattern, but was also seen in the form of a soccer shoe.


If you want to not hide your phone in a pocket or disappear in a colorful mobile phone pocket, it can be worn with a so-called “neck-strap” around the neck. In all colors these utensils are available. The combination of both accessories, cell phone pocket and necklace is possible. The phone can be so casually known in the football boot to be transported.


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